About Us

Wilson Smith Sober Golf League

Golf & Sobriety

Participation in the game of golf is widespread and reaches all ages.  Golf is the second most popular sport among U.S. adults, with more than 24 million Americans participating annually. Unfortunately, for the purposes of addiction recovery, with the benefits of golf also often comes alcohol/substance use and abuse. The Wilson-Smith Golf League was designed to create and foster a safe, healthy environment for those in recovery from AUD/SUD to enjoy the many beneficial aspects of the game of golf. This national organization aims to develop and organize a network of sober golf leagues throughout metropolitan areas of the United States.

The Wilson-Smith Golf League promotes addiction recovery through community and fellowship by coordinating services, communication, education, and information into a network of sober golf leagues.   The goal of The Wilson-Smith Golf League is to create other WSGL chapters across the country to assist persons afflicted with Alcohol/Substance Use Disorder and their families.

Our Mission

To support and promote addiction recovery for alcoholics, addicts, and/or their families through the structured participation in the game of golf.

Our Vision

To create a national network of sober golf leagues in municipalities across the United States, thereby creating a safe environment to participate and compete in the game of golf.

2 Leagues Is Only The Beginning...

Uniting Sober Golfers, One League At A Time

Florida League

WSGL expanded to South Florida in 2023 and has a West and East Coast Division with almost 20 sober golfers participating.  Taking a page out of the LIV Golf format, an exciting and unique “winter season” of golf has been created.  Serving the South Florida golfing and sober communities, WSGL-SF is actively looking for additional golfers to join.

Del Val League

WSGL has been operating in the Greater Philadelphia (Delaware Valley) area for over 22 years.  The league has grown from 12 golfers to over 130.  In 2024 the WSGL will create a new division designed to attract sober publinks, casual, and avid golfers who cannot commit to a competitive schedule of 4 matches over the 5 month season.  In addition to our traditional competitive format, we will host one day tournaments, mix n’ match events at Bill W members clubs, Top Golf, and other social events.